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Bee-friendly beekeeping

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On this website you can read all about how Geert Steelant works with his bees.

You can read articles in “News”, you can read about Geert Steelant's operating method and in “Natural beekeeping” you can read about Varroa and the predatory mite and what the two have to do with each other.

If you have any questions and suggestions, you can contact us by filling in the form on the contact page and we will get back to your questions and suggestions as soon as possible.

Predatory mite

Geert's business method is mainly known for working with predatory mites.

Want to read more about this?

Who is Geert Steelant?

Geert Steelant has been engaged in the fate of the bees for years and is committed to all fronts in the well-being and preservation of the bees.

Geert gives lectures in both inland (Belgium) and abroad about his way of bee-friendly beekeeping. 

100% bij-vriendelijk imkeren, eerst de bij dan wij!


Requests for Geert to give lectures are slowly starting up again.

More lectures are already on the agenda. Do you want Geert to give a lecture?

Send us a message here.


Geert Steelant is not only an active member of the Working Group Natural Beekeeping (WNI).

He is becoming the symbol in Flanders (and beyond) of bee-friendly beekeeping with predatory mites.

Honeybee Valley has devoted a brochure to this: “Beekeeping according to Geert Steelant”.

Geert swears by the Warré method, which he applies in his own way with the introduction of predatory mites as a counterweight to the varroa mite.

You can download the brochure via the button below.

Geert is very active and has gathered a considerable network around him.

He works with various organizations and companies and the links to those companies can be found below. He works well with Biobestrijding in the Netherlands, where he buys predatory mites. He is part of the working group “Natural beekeeping” in Belgium and is a board member of the “Flemish bee institute” (VBI)in Belgium. Both websites contain a lot of information and tips about bees and beekeepers.

He gets his wood from the Leirman timber trade in Belgium and orders beekeeping equipment from Apimiel in France. He has a close collaboration with Honeybee Valley and as described above they have produced a brochure about how Geert keeps bees in a natural way.

The internships take place at La Ferme Hubert in the Ardennes and Geert also has his bee village there.

Op deze site kunt u alles lezen over natuurlijk imkeren
Honeybee Valley doet wetenschappelijk onderzoek naar bijen en werkt samen met de landbouw in België
Hier kunt u veel informatie vinden over bijen
Alles over het natuurlijk bestrijden van ongedierte
Boerderij Hubert in de Belgische Ardennen
Een B&B in de buurt van Boulogne-sur-mer
Hier koopt Geert zijn spullen voor het imkeren
Bij Leirman koopt Geert hout voor de bijenkasten
We zijn een ploeg van imkers en wetenschappers die allemaal gepassioneerd zijn door bijen.

Onze bijen hebben jullie hulp nodig!


“Geert has a very nice bee village near the Gite, where we and the group could enjoy what he has created there. The bee village is located in a small valley and a stream flows along it. There you can view different hives in terms of size and use. Geert also uses predatory mites to “combat” Varroa

We placed the bees that we had “left” in a hollow tree, this was worth it in itself.

Geert prefers to work without a beekeeper suit and that is still a step too far for me, but I have learned a lot from being there how he deals with the bees. With so much respect and love. Geert is beekeeping in Warré beehives and makes them himself. These are adjustments of the existing dimensions of Warre such as the wood thickness of 3 cm, the placement of the viewing windows and the flight hole. Personally, this weekend was a revelation for me and is definitely worth repeating.

Several things have become clear to me and questions have arisen about others. You can go to Geert with all your questions and will try to find a solution and/or answer. ”


“When you spend a while in the company of Geert and his bees, you immediately notice the admiration, love and respect he has for the bee colony. I have learned a lot and will also put it into practice with my bee colony and hope that over the years I can work just as calmly and and with ease as he does. I have not needed a beekeeper suit yet and I rarely use it myself at home with my bees and being stung once or twice is not the end of the world for me. ”


Sign the petition!    

The bees are really struggling. It is time that the bees is on the list of protected insects. This should happen worldwide or we will be too late. The bees ensure that we have fruit and vegetables every day by pollination and that we can enjoy beautiful blooming flowers and and eat their delicious honey. Let us shake up the authorities together.

Thank you for signing on behalf of the bees.

Sign the petition here.

Teken de petitie om de bijen te redden. Samen staan we sterk.

If we do not act urgently, the bees will quietly disappear. Cities, municipalities and companies can help our bees. There are many green zones in cities and municipalities as well as at companies. It would be helpful to exploit these zones for our bees. If every city or municipality and companies with a green zone would work with local beekeepers and ensure that there are funds to install hives, we would be a bit further.


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